thurs, 11:34 p.m.

they say things like
"oh, if only she had been sober"
or “oh, if her skirt had been longer”
or “oh, if she hadn’t been alone”
but all i hear is

"he should have raped the other girl"

they make excuses for rapists
like “oh, he was such a good football player”
or “oh, he was such a well-rounded student”
or “oh, he was such a good, christian boy”
but all i hear is 

"we don’t care about your suffering"

monday, 9:15 p.m.

why do we label people 
as dirty or unclean or broken
when we are no better?

i feel like judas 
when i go to church
i feel like peter
as the cock crowed
when i surround myself with modern-day pharisees

i am the rich, young ruler
when i choose religion over life

i would rather praise You
in a one-room shack
in the mountains of arkansas
or in a rat-filled orphanage in haiti
with the dirty,
and broken

than attend a mega-church
with legalistic members

and a liar for a preacher